Sunday, February 10, 2013

A lady in a skirt

I never thought I would look like a Korean on this look (well, according to some of my friends). Haha! ^_^ I always love long sleeves and #sweaters like this and most of the time I prefer skirts, shorts, & dresses than pants or jeans. I know it sounds like I'm "maarte". I just feel comfortable with them.

So I paired a favorite #longsleeve sweater of mine with this skirt. I chose a nude colored-heels to wear since I'm wearing a skirt. Here's a tip from a friend and classmate of mine - nude or flesh colored heels will give you an illusion that your legs look longer. :))

Before we took these photos, my sister told me that she'll put make-up on me, she said "para maganda ka". Haha! I'm not really a fan of it except for a #lipstick and a #babypowder. Between the two of us, she's the one who loves make-up and I think she's good at it. The #smokyeyemake-up she put on my eyes, it adds a #korean look on my outfit.

Here's a closer look on my eye #make-up. :)

Whenever I go to #Davao or my sister is back in town, I always take advantage of asking her to take photos of my looks  for this blog since she's the one who has a #DSLR. It's nice to have photos using that #camera. When I'm not with my sister and I wanted to post a look on my blog, I just asked my mom or my childhood friend take photos of me using my #SmartIphone5.

Make-up & Photograyphy: by Vanessa A. Garingalao

Old Navy sweaters | Abercrombie skirt | Celine heels | Steve Madden purse| Body Central bronze bracelet | Juicy Couture orange bracelet | "Fearless" leather blue bracelet (forgot the brand) | leaf neckalace (a gift from my aunt, forgot the brand) | pink earrings (bought in Singapore)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I love NY

A city that never sleeps, that's New york City.Who wouldn't wanna go and see this city with their own eyes? Times square, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn bridge, the yellow taxis, and a lot more. 

I remembered the first time I arrived at #NewYork, I was supposed to meet up with my close friend/classmate/co-intern who was assigned in there. She couldn't pick me up because of some transportation problem so she just gave me the address and instructions on how to get from #LaGuardia airport to #Queens where we should meet. Unfortunately, the taxi driver misunderstood the address that I told him. He was supposed to take me to the 69th street, Fisk Avenue at Queens but instead he took me to 69th st., fifth Avenue on #Manhattan. He got confused with the address since most people's destination who arrived at the NY airports goes to the #TimesSquare or in Manhattan. So I got lost. Haha! I didn't felt nervous, it was an experience to get lost to a foreign city and it's your first time in it. I roamed around the streets and saw some expensive shops. I just told my friend that the driver took me to Manhattan so she picked me up in there instead. It was a delight to see her again after almost 8 months of not seeing each other and to think that I had the chance to roam this city together with her and my friends. :)

Thanks to POEC and to my school Brokenshire College for giving me the opportunity to have a 12 months internship in the United States (#Akron, Ohio) and of course to travel the other different states like #NewYork city, and also #Philadelphia, PA; # LasVegas, Nevada; #LosAngeles & #Bellflower, #California.

"Nakakabusog ng mata" is one of the answers I could give to the question "How was New York?". Why? Let's see. We saw the Empire State Building from afar for like 10-15 meters away, we went to Times Square, Central Park, Grand Central, Statue of Liberty, to the Brooklyn Bridge, and Madam Taussads. 

Another thing that I'm thankful for on this trip is giving us the chance to meet and be friends with the co-interns of my classmates who work on the same host company as them.

15 seconds of fame. Haha! ^_^ You can have your picture displayed in one of the screen billboards in Times Square if you buy atleast 1 item from American Eagle Outfitters just like ours. Just show them your receipt.

At #GrandCentral

You need to ride a ferry to get to the statue since it's in an island.

At #BrooklynBridge

Everything was WORTH it. ;)

#CentralPark | #EmpireStateBuilding | #MadamTaussads

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pink is SWEEET :))

Have you experience that moment when you've already planned what to wear on the next day, but you ended up in an entirely different outfit? I'm sure you did. On this look, I was originally planning to wear shorts, a different top, shoes and bag. The next day came and I was about to wear the clothes that I at first wanted, then I keep changing it pieces by pieces until it became totally different from what I originally planned. Haha!

So this is the result of my sudden change-of- outfit plan. I love how everything blended with everything since I did not planned for this entire look. :)) It looks sweet. I like the small touch of pink from my #skirt on my outfit.

Charlotte Russe blazer | Just G top & skirt | Artwork shoes | Guess bag | necklace & silver bracelets (a gift from my aunt, i forgot the brand) | pink bracelet (bought it at Mactan Shrine Cebu) | KCC Department Store earrings

By the way, you may have notice that the pictures are  a bit dark. Courtesy to my mom for taking these photos using my #SmartIphone5. She's not that good in #photography. Please bear with my photos. :)) I remembered when we were taking them, I was like, "ok na lang toh". haha ^_^ But still I'm thankful to her since she took my pictures for me,

Monday, January 21, 2013


Another day to bond with my mom and sister. Yeepee! ^_^ We were just able to do this for once in a while now since my sister studies in a different city and I just came back last, last week from United States. I stayed there for a year and my sister only comes back to our home town during her school vacations. This time, the three of us had a lunch at some restaurant together with our childhood friend and our aunt. It's good to be back home. :)

On this look, I wanted to be on the sporty side. I decided to pull out this sunny yellow see-through top and tucked it in. Oh! I love how yellow it is. It's bright but it doesn't your eyes. All my pedals were still wet from laundry so I did a little trick. I folded my skinny jeans and viola! It did look like a pedal. It's not folded evenly in the picture, though I made sure it was even before we went out. I don't know what happened, maybe it looked even in my eyes. So if you guys decided to do a trick like this on your outfits, always have it double-checked! :)

My sister suggested that I should pair this look with an #oxford shoes. Too sad I don't have even a single pair. :( (Sigh!) I should put it on my shopping list. Instead, I wore this colorful #Coach shoes given by my co-worker as a farewell gift. Thanks to her! :) I like how it's colorfulness blend with my sunny yellow top.

H&M top | Forever 21 skinny jeans | Charles & Keith bag | Coach shoes | Aldo earrings | Body Central bangle

Credits to my sister Vanessa for taking these photos. I never thought she would easily agree when I asked her to take photos of me for my blog that day. haha! Before it was a challenge for me to convince her. I really don't know why she doesn't want to do this favor for me. Maybe that  was on the old times now. To my sister, thank you. :))

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


After a year, I was finally able to go to church! :) I never thought that the day would come that  I would have the courage to wear heels in the church. haha! Back then, I was really shy to walk inside since some people keep staring at us. But now I'm back, and I was really looking forward to go to church since I haven't been on one for a year that I even think ahead of what to wear. 

I opted on this cute formal orange polka dress and was thinking to pair it with a formal black open-toed shoes. But I came to a conclusion that it would make me too formal, so I change my mind and paired it instead with this violet wedge since my dress also looks a little girly This look made me look a little younger (hehe). I like the color combi too! ^_^ 

#Satchel/messenger/laptop bag. Who says #laptop bags are just for work? or for laptop purposes? It's a multi-purpose bag.  Of course you can use it for everyday use. What I love about this brown laptop bag of mine (a gift from my aunt) is that not only it is fit for my #netbook or #Ipad inside, but also I could use it stylishly with my outfits and it is spacious enough for my essential stuff too!

What do you think?

Dorothy Perkins dress, FILA wedge, Primark (Atmosphere) satchel/laptop bag,  Accessorize butterfly earrings, SM Accessories (WWW-What Women Wants) violet bangle, (a gift from aunt) charm bracelet

Monday, December 31, 2012


I've been sitting crossed-legged here on my aunt's living room, facing my lappy for 3 hours and yet, I just came up to 3 sentences for this first post on my blog. Well, I'm kinda nervous with this since it's my first time and I'm still confuse with all these settings and buttons to fix my blog (so please, bear with me ^_^  hehe). I've been trying to have a blog for some time now, but just as I said, I was really nervous and I was really trying to think what to put for my first post. Thankfully I came up with something last night while I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling. I decided to make my last day in #Akron, OH as a topic on my very first post on my new blog.

I really hate "goodbyes". Especially if I stayed in a place for a long time (like almost a year) and that I would be leaving it for good. Of course, I met people and very close friends in there and I will miss them dearly. And I know that there's a big possibility that I wouldn't be seeing them again-like ever since they're in the other part of the world and I'm on the other end. I know that "If there's a will, there's a way", but I just can't drive to the airport and fly over there to Akron, OH from the Philippines whenever I want. It's not that easy with all those papers and documents and visa you have to think about, not to mention your budget.

On my last day on Akron, me and my two fellow co-interns (Chen & Cy) went to the downtown area to play #ice-skating. We don't have a car so we just used #public transit, #Akron Metro. It's quite time-consuming though because of the bus schedule, their bus arrives every 30 minutes per route. But their drivers really accommodates their disabled passengers and it's cheap too, it's $2.50 for a day pass. When we arrived at our destination, we were so hungry and we decided to eat first. Shoot! Unfortunately, the downtown area is close every Sunday as well as the restaurants located in there until 4:30 pm (except for the skating rink, they have their own schedule). Well, we were aware of that but we just decided to head straight to downtown to save time. We're using using public transit! 

Thankfully, there were some open food stores that serves American sandwiches & salads like #Subway and #Jimmy John's. The three of us went to JJ (Jimmy John's) and had some drinks and sandwiches. After that, we headed to the skating rink. It's $3 per person each on glider and ice-skating. If you want both along with some snacks, they have it for $9 a person. Additional $1 charge if you want to check your feet size. Chen said her feet hurts because the size she chose was a little big for her feet. Cy doesn't really know how to skate but he was trying to learn and made improvements on it. For dinner, we went to #Cilantro to have some #Thai food, #sushi & #desserts. It was good.

Since it was Sunday, the last schedule of the bus was 7:15 pm, and we got out of the restaurant around past 8. So we walked home. Cy got home first since he lives not far away from the downtown. I and Chen walked home for almost two hours. Haha! It was fun though, more bonding time & chit-chat time for the two of us.

We will have a reunion. That's for sure. We'll see each other in the #Philippines next year. :) As for my close friends and co-workers (my family in Akron), thank you for everything, for the friendship and experiences. When I get a chance, I would like to see all of you again. :D

At the Jimmy Johns:

On the skating rink:

At Cilantro:

After we had our dinner:

The reason why I chose this topic is because it makes me feel like I'm saying "Goodbye, Hello!". Goodbye to Akron, and hello to my new blog! ^_^